Have you ever wondered how it is that amidst the storms of life, there can be a ray of hope?

When hearts connect, threads of light weave new possibilities for now and the future.

These threads offer hope, love and courage to return to a truer self within.

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What treasure are you most seeking?

Open an inquiry of the heart with this short video clip.

Duration: 1:26min Design by Carissa Kazyss and Daya Harris. Music by Whitney McCann.

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What I’ve learned about grief…and why I advocate for grieving well

Our lives are often punctuated by griefs through losses of people, pets, and circumstances. These griefs pierce us, either shockingly or gradually over time. If we take an honest look at how well we grieve, collectively and individually, and take stalk of how we support each other in times of grief, we’d probably score pretty low. Some might even raise their eyebrows at “grieving well”, after all, isn’t grief something to get past as quickly as possible and move on? No. I’m here to tell you that grief has a special kind of magic sauce that can open us to new vistas if we let it.

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