There are some things no book can do. Like introduce the radiance of Being to a heart through the breath and enliven the Soul through alchemical process. To rise above the denseness of our world, above the noise and the storms, is a practice that requires some effort, care and guidance. Listen to the gently lapping waves of your own heart…it’s so delicious! Come, come again, Rumi says. You are invited…to the Way of your heart.

Carissa Kazyss, 2020

Prayers on the Wind

Today I am wondering my reason for being here. I sit at the threshold of the next step.
How can I make a difference? What can my breath and heart offer to a world struggling to live a higher truth in the face of forgetting so easily?

As I ask the questions of my heart, I realize it is through stories and my prayer practice. I have a longing for my stories to touch people hearts and bring them closer to realizing they are incredible beings and support them bringing their gifts to the world.

The Prayers of Kuan Yin

The garden sat quietly in the valley of waiting. It was patient, trusting the beautiful lady would return. Each year as summer drifted into autumn, leaves prepared for her return. Each leaf quivered in anticipation of the moment of remembering their true colours as well as the whispered prayers they would carry. September began and the evenings became cooler changes began to take place as each leaf on each unique tree began to reveal their inner colours. The morning the lady arrived dawned crisp and cool, she enter the garden and her heart called the leaves. A deep breath and a soft whisper. “It is time.”, she softly sang to the leaves.

“Each one of you holds a prayer. Hope, Love, Trust, Faith, and Comfort. Divine messages and I call to the wind of freedom to carry you to where you are needed the most.”

The wind blew allowing the leaves to dance and swirl as they rode the waves of freedoms breath. Carried here … carried there …. swirling across the vastness of the valley, landing at the feet of journeyers offering their hearts solace and ease. Some drifted into the cities touching each observer with their colour and heart connection. Others fell to the ground leaving an imprint of their prayer in the frost. Each leaf knew it had a unique and sacred offering and where it would go to, where it would land. Each was touched by the Ladies prayer for the world. A prayer of loving kindness.

May your heart be free.
May you find wisdom in the heart’s song.
May you know you are accompanied

Back in the garden Kuan Yin stood watching, the trees releasing their prayers as the garden settled into the deep silence of an inner reflection. She reverently stepped onto the body of her dragon as her heart caller her to answer the prayer of the next great need.

Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.” – Mother Teresa

If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” -Meister Eckhart

 “When every hope is gone, ‘when helpers fail and comforts flee,’ I find that help arrives somehow, from I know not where. Supplication, worship, prayer are no
superstition; they are acts more real than the acts of eating, drinking, sitting or walking. It is no exaggeration to say that they alone are real, all else is unreal
.” – Mahatma Gandhi, The Story of My Experiments With Truth

May the leaves softly drift into your open hands and heart.

Diane Auld, 2020
A Life Mission IV story. Inspired by Love and the falling leaves.


The realness of love lies in the courage to face the unfaceable with love. Without figuring out the path forward, we are led, in our hearts, if we allow it to be so. There’s a mission in each of us that is birthing in the canal of our dreams, latent and alive. The sweetness of tasting a deeper love that sustains through stormy weather lingers like fresh rain. In the silent well of the hearts is a place that knows how love wants to grow within and with others. Love sustains and we are made whole again and again. The Way of the Heart is like a tuning fork, awakening a remembrance of the inner tune that reveals the deeper desire of the heart.

Carissa Kazyss, 2020

Longing and Possibility

When I was young–around 7 or so, I announced to my family that I wanted to be a missionary.  I really didn’t know what that meant at that time as I only had the context of the church history that I grew up with. Little did I know that the wise 7 year old knew from the future that there would be a deep remembrance of the dream/vision I had then—that I wanted to help people live the most happy lives they could.  I remember knowing that there was so much more, and yet I knew then that I would need to be patient.

Year later, as a Chaplain and an Ordained Minister, I came to hear and experience the regret and pain that people expressed at the end of their lives around not having either found their true path, or not having made it important enough. It saddened me and because it really does matter that we know why we are here and live it.

In my journey with The Way of the Heart™ through connection with the inspiring and gifted teachers and teachings, I have come to experience a Way that allows me and others to be able to choose the life of our deepest imagination and longing.

To be part of a community and a Way and a process that is in service to the “Divine Spark within each human being for the purpose that each came to manifest” is a dream come true.  To have a way to hold the deepest possibility for ourselves and our world is both a gift and a need for our precious world especially at this time. 

I am humbled and delighted at the wisdom of Spirit within and around me, and how interconnected we all are.

We’re together in this moment
We’re together in this space
It’s not by chance that we’re together
In this time and in this place

I’ve got love, and it’s the song
I’ll share with you
It’s our world and we all belong
I’ll share with you.

Love must see its light in a lover’s face
A creature born, the mirror of God’s grace
Creation’s children hand in hand
In harmony on sacred land.

Dorothy Becker, 2020


Once the world revolved around me, and my being was within it. Like the caterpillar who couldn’t yet conceive of flying, the longing in my heart for more was still quiet. Gradually, a connection was made in my heart with the Beloved, until one day the caterpillar within began its transformational process. This opened a deep longing for Spirit – a desire that could not be satisfied by the outer world. As my awareness turned inward, the outer world had less appeal, yet its fruits tasted sweeter and its pains felt more deeply. The Way of the Heart has been a cocoon for the transformation of my heart. 

Carissa Kazyss, 2020

Closer to Life

I love the Way of the Heart, the Sufi Lineage, the teachers, it’s vision and how it stands for Love, Life Mission, and real service- for awakening and for making God a reality in this world.

This WAY is bringing me closer to LIFE! To feeling more alive, connected, honest and intimate with my own heart, and in turn- evolving my relationship with Spirit, with Love, with others… I love the Spiritual Practices offered, and the effects I am experiencing and feeling… the new inner freedom that is blossoming in increasingly real ways.

I love that the Way of the Heart is a living way- offering me the skills and training, calling me to rise above limitations, to forget  self in service to God. The Way of the Heart calls me to do my inner work, to be self-accountable, to feel safer… It is helping me to become more conscious, calling me to listen at deeper levels, to trust Divine Guidance, to trust and choose love…

I love that my Life Mission is unfolding, abiding, and held sacredly within the Way of the Heart, as I reach and effort to remember… to remove the veils, to breakthrough to all that I AM and am meant to become…

So that I may become a suitable instrument to be sung through, emptying of self, filled with, and flowing LOVE.

Gretchen Smith, 2018

This Journey of Becoming

This journey of ‘becoming’ who I am meant to become, through the Way of the Heart, has been more than I could ever have imagined. What initially called to my heart was to be able to stand and serve in the world- to express out loud what my heart so loved and wanted… the desire to passionately and creatively express and share my gifts.

I loved the Inner Life. Yet I felt locked in self-isolation. These tools, this Way, have helped me to unfold my gifts, and to begin to show up. More work with shadow and field work/integrations, began the process of starting to feel safer to show up, take action, and to speak up for what mattered to me.

The shadow work also helped me in my relationships- with my husband, my children, and myself… as a way to embody peace at a whole new level, and to grow towards spiritual adulthood. To have a way to recognize and say ‘NO’ to a lower self that would sabotage what I so desired, lulling me to drift or go numb.

With the Creating the Person work, came an introduction to the living words and teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. I so deeply loved the idea of becoming a ‘personality to be sung through’…To become a suitable instrument through which the Divine could breathe love into this world.

The initial Making God a Reality retreat was astounding and paradigm shifting for me. I began to feel the reality of a Divine Presence that I had embraced with my Mind, yet had yet to truly know and feel in my whole being. This amazing LOVE was for me too! The idea of Spirit equally longing for me back was a huge and freeing epiphany. There was new Faith emerging, and the knowing that with God all things are possible. The longing to serve other souls, through this work, and to also bring them to a more intimate and real relationship with the Divine and to their own becoming…

My inner hearing was starting to blossom, and I began to trust, to navigate and source from within my heart of hearts. Nourished and inspired by Real Teachers, by holy moments within the teachings offered… beautiful moments, of rooms filling with Light, with Spirit offering new possibility, calling… calling us to greatness… calling us to spiral up into the new Octave emerging. A growing conviction that this was where I would continue my ‘becoming’… Immersed in the on-going dialogue of inner and outer Life Mission, skill-building, the call to deep practice, the beauty of Spiritual practices, a conscious spiritual family, welcoming and walking with me Home…

I can honestly say I am happy, and I am becoming free…Feeling the effect and responsibility of dropped in breathing: aligning intention, will, and fierce love, on my way to becoming more vertical, intentional Love in action in the World, through this Way of my Heart.

Gretchen Smith, 2015