Visual Art

Katie Smith
Breathe Deep, 2020
Watercolour and puff paint on paper
The inspiration behind this painting is both my longing and prayer for myself and the world. She represents the qualities of deep love and compassion. The Way of the Heart has been my doorway back to the reality of this love.

Leah Hille
Lady of Light, 2019
Cone 6 White clay with underglaze

Leah Hille
The Holy Heart, 2019
Raku clay and white raku glaze

Leah Hille
Offerings to the Goddess, 2019
Cone 6 white clay with various Cone 6 glazes

Leah Hille
Grief Work is Love Work, 2018
Cone 04 Red Clay with Maiolica White Glaze and cobalt stain

Leah Hille
Soul Fire, 2016
Acrylic on Canvas Board

Leah Hille
The Fire of Love, 2015
Tempera Paints on Paper